Lazy Sunday: Funky Grandma, here I come

My colleague and I riff a lot at work. As entertainment-news-editors, we have tons of material to riff on daily and our skype-chats now and then are twisted versions of sitcom-dialogues that make no sense to anyone but us because we switch conversational style to chat and recently even used handwritten notes like little schoolgirls.

Anyways, from one of our conversations I got the idea how cool it would be to be one of those old ladies that wear ridiculous wigs (inspired by Sophia Loren who is awesome but also does look a little cartoonish these days). I decided that I would go all out and don a 50s pink beehive wig and for the whole image to be perfect, I would wear a pea-coat of a clashing color (that’s the rule with brightly colored wigs…they shan’t fit the overall color-scheme of your wardrobe!). Plus, I would take up smoking with 60 or 70 and not just smoking…cigar smoking.

funky grandma

By the way, I also have a cartoon of my imaginary porn-star-identity “Bebe Lollipop” from those conversations but that’s for another time…it’s just a lot sadder looking than expected because I somehow couldn’t imagine a middle-aged porn-star named “Bebe Lollipop” who would actually be happy.

I blame “Grease” for my obsession with candy-colored hair.


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