Favourite Song: Wishbeard ‘Strawberry ’79’

There was a time when Seattle was pretty much non-existent in my playlist because Portland, Canada and Brooklyn simply overcrowded the music market and Seattle – once proud and caffeinated – got a little pushed into the background. But the music scene there gets more and more interesting and bands like Wishbeard prove that more than anything.

This is a couple of youngsters (well, I don’t know how old they really are but they look like I could actually say ‘When I was your age’ whilst drinking my Sherry and nibbling on a Werther’s Echte) who do electro-dreampop with some shoegaze-moments (the song “Strawberry ’79” is one of those songs that you feel obligated to listen to a dozen times before you get to the rest of their EP “It’s All Gonna Break“). They have some more electronic sounding songs on there, that remind more of the 90s dance movement than the dark 80s (when you could make this cool head-swing to swish the hair out of your face without reminding everyone of Justin Bieber who incidentally is a guilty pleasure of most members...if they weren’t totally ironic when they said that).

I gotta say, the guitar-pieces are a little bit more to my liking but that’s because I got really into 80s horror movies lately and therefore dig the dark atmospheric wavey-sound that accompanies Kiefer Sutherland, Jenny Wright or Bill Paxton as sexy vampires. There’s not much telling in which direction Wishbeard will go in the future because their EP features four songs and then there’s a few more singles (“I.H.Y.P.” and the pretty amazeballing “Runnin’ Around”) and every single song leans to a slightly different direction (and some pretty sweet instrumental runs). But here’s the thing: For a band that young, there’s no fault with that, besides, all those directions sound pretty darn good, so whatever they pick, I am quite sure that they will be fine. Still…”Strawberry ’79” is the bomb, so if you can read me here, ladies…that would be the one to start from. But hey, I will be lining up for the debut album in any case.

This band (Bryn, Jude, Brighton and Res – yes, they sound like characters from a dystopian fantasy-novel for teenagers) is fresh from the oven, they were created in 2012 which is quite possibly the youngest band ever featured on this blog*, let’s give it up for that!

Also, can we talk about that name? Now, when I think of the term ‘Wishbeard’, I think of the Ron Swanson moustache or the full-on lumberjack beard that nests little birds and can fight bears.

*With youngest, I mean the age of the band, not of the musicians. For some reason, I tend to dig bands that already celebrated their tenth anniversary with a ‘Oh god, it’s already ten years?’…


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