Quickie: Grass House ‘A Sun Full and Drowning’

Don’t let yourself be fooled by that 80s Wave opener “Spinning as we turn” because this British band soon turns into something very Berlin-sounding (heck, didn’t I just use that for Moonface?). If anyone of you knows Element of Crime, a very Berlin, a very German band that has a little Brechtian attitude, then this might be the closest comparison everyone else might hear some (but only a willow wisp) Leonard Cohen in these slightly country-esque Chanson-Blues-songs that smoke strong cigarettes in dark pubs and only drink high spirits without any ice. And yes, sometimes they sound very British but in a charmingly muted way, no snotty punk, no ditzy pop…just very laid back and wistful music to slowly fall in love with. It’s perfect for Sunday afternoon’s or those sobering early mornings when you feel like you need a little break from your mistakes. Good stuff.


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