Favourite Song: Coogans Bluff ‘Hogweed’

With the departure of their singer and the addition of a few brass musicians, the sound of Coogans Bluff was bound to change a little but not that much because their previous album “Poncho Express” had been venturing into that new direction and already brassed out a lot. Luckily, even if the intro sneakily suggests it, their new song “Hogweed” is still one of the heavy rockmonsters to cut you in half, so there is no Jazz-Fusion – for now. No, the brass underlines the rock and their new main vocalist (and old man on the bass guitar) Clemens, who already proved himself with “Beefheart“, is the growly, slightly crazy bluesman to give their sound a throwback to the early 70s. And yes, you can fear a little for your life listening to this song because it makes for a beautiful soundtrack for any given horror movie villain to hack up some stupid teenagers especially towards the end when it goes into epic proportions for wide camera angles and finally ends in an angst-ridden chase until no one is left alive.

By the way, the faint orchestral (and slightly proggy) background at the end of the song and the title might or might not (but probably might not) refer to Genesis and “Return of the Giant Hogweed” from the album “Nursery Crymes” that also featured the infamous (I am talking from a progger-perspective here) “The Musical Box”.


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