Quickie: Haim ‘Days are Gone’ – Ok ok, I give in

Well, it’s one of these things when a band gets rubbed in your face so many times that you finally decide to listen to it just to know what the hell is going on. Admitted, so far, it didn’t work with Lorde, although my mom likes her, but Haim detected my weakness for modern music that sounds like it’s from my childhood (aka the late 80s, early 90s). And boy, do Haim go for the female singer/songwriter sound. Yeah yeah, there’s some Michael Jackson to be found, but the slight country-edge (not folk as Wikipedia likes you to think) also makes room for Meredith Brookes, Martika and Shakespear’s Sister for good measure.

Anyways, I love their sound, it’s quirky, good for dancing and will probably still work when the media-frenzy surrounding them dies down, meaning that this album could be one to stay on party-playlists. And it doesn’t hurt if the Billboard-charts and AC-radios get more female-fronted bands that make their own music (yes, because a real girlband can also potentially write its own music) and they are all sisters which makes them some sort of Kings of Leon-counterpart (hopefully minus the alcohol-issues and downards-spiral sound-wise).

I might create a song-special with bands that sound like they are from the 80s but really aren’t because Twin Shadow, Blood Orange, Haim and Violens injected a real freshness to the retro-fade and yes…it got so far that I started wearing high waist skirts and trousers and blazers with rolled up sleeves…true story.


5 thoughts on “Quickie: Haim ‘Days are Gone’ – Ok ok, I give in

  1. I still don’t get the band, but I saw a performance on Saturday Night Live where it made a little sense. They sound different, more full and vibrant, performing live than recorded. On the other hand, the bass guitarists has some unusual facial expressions more suited to punk/metal. To be fair, I don’t have the same bond with those parts of the 80s/90s.


    1. Hey, for the readers I let your comment through because maybe they’d like to read some other review of Haim but next time would be great if you also wrote something apart from just linking to your article. Otherwise it’s like going to a party to invite all guests to your party without even saying ‘hello’ to the host.


      1. Sorry about that- I was trying to figure out how to just post a “pingback” because several people have been posting them on my blog and I thought that’s how I did it. I read your review though and like your thoughts on Haim these girls are fierce!!!


      2. No problem, the blogosphere can be a freaking maze to get through. Pingbacks work by linking the articles in your text. The people don’t really post them in your comment section but your site looks out for other blogs/sites that have linked to your articles and then puts their article-urls into your comment-section, so you can see who linked to your entry. Hope, that helped.


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