Cover me Badly: Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’

By now, my readers probably know that I actually quite like Miley Cyrus. Sure, her videos are horrible, she has been saying a few stupid things in interviews but given that she did a thousand interviews in the last months…who wouldn’t have. But so far, her antics have been mainly on stage and seemed quite controlled and I hope for her sake that it stays like that. And the amount of slack she still gets for every single thing she says…I guess I just hate this media-hate especially when she hasn’t done anything actually outrageous, let alone illegal.

Here she is dressed like a Strawberry on the German fiasco called “Wetten, dass..?” which is a show that is known for cheap jokes, bad interviews and stupid bets. Sometimes I hope that Miley will celebrate a few more years and then vanish for a year to come back as a folk-singer…somehow I think that she would be really good as a new incarnation of Janis Joplin – she only needs to learn to write her own songs.

And you know what? I like her break-up-with-worst-video-of-the-year-apart-from-that-Kanye-West-Kim-Kardashian-one-song. “Wrecking Ball” proves once again that the girl actually has a great voice and Haim tackling it and – although instrumentally slaying it – failing to deliver vocally, is another point for the vocal skills the girl has (It actually reminds me of the time Florence Welch tried to cover Beyonce’s “Halo” and wrecking balled that song right on the spot).


7 thoughts on “Cover me Badly: Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’

  1. Todd in the Shadows has a very apt review to wrecking ball.
    And I might even be willing to partially agree with you: I also don’t get the hate. She makes terrible music and unbelievably excruciatingly bad videos, but so does everyone and their mother, so what’s the deal?


    1. Well, I agree with Todd on the whole video-thing, it’s just so bad and not even Kanye/Kim in “Bound 2”-bad that it’s hilarious. It’s just bad…I still like the song, though.


      1. This kind of pop is like fast food for me: it’s far from being anything like a self-made dish with only the best ingredients and prepared with love and care but sometimes, it’s the only thing you want. And compared to the German pop-scene…well, we both know that the German pop scene is a two weeks old, warm, greenish and maggot-infested burger that someone dropped on the floor.


      2. It certainly is, yes, but … Miley Cyrus is kind of the Achims Grillbude of pop fastfood. It reeks, it doesn’t look quite sanitary, and I’m reasonably convinced they spit onto your patty before serving it to you.


      3. Man, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve eaten food from one of those vile things. I know, I didn’t mind as a kid/young teenager but there must have been a pivotal moment when I realized that it – at all times – is a bad idea.


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