Chris Garneau: flower-metaphors work better than snow-metaphors, believe me

As I was getting ready to prepare my first radio show of the new year, I thought to myself that I had no idea what was new and out there and doubted that I would get a playlist with mostly new music together. Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, the labels secretly push out some great artists exactly around the time when I already have produced my December-show and therefore don’t pay attention. But now that the new year has arrived with grey skies and moody people, all those shining pop jewels jump out at me.

Like Chris Garneau, who will release a full-length album in April but has thought of his fans with some wintery-tunes in the form of “Winter Games”.

Garneau is from Brooklyn and has already released two albums and has haunted a few tv-shows and movie-soundtracks with his slightly baroque pop pieces that are gently overwhelming. It’s quite remarkable how he creates those big orchestral music pieces but spreads them out like a flower field instead of bunching them together in a condensed thick bouquet. He therefore manages to have these heavy layers still create a sense of peace – very lovely and very fitting for Winter…damn, I should have changed the metaphor from flowers to snow and snow-balls…haha, I wrote “balls”…well, I guess THAT’s why I didn’t do that…



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