Math and Physics Club: Let’s clap to the 90s!

I never thought that I would be influenced by the alternative 90s that much because I lived through the worst years (musically speaking) when I grew up in the 90s (remember, I was a teenage girl that couldn’t escape Boygroup-madness…). But nowadays I realize more and more how nostalgic bands make me that somehow sound like the 90s.

Like Math and Physics Club from Seattle who have some sort of uplifting +/–vibe (if you don’t know them, check them out, they are awesome) and create feel good alt-pop that actually deserves that title because it’s light-hearted and still a little grumbly. But you can clap to their music, especially “Long Drag” which is always good on any mixtape.

Now that I think of it, my newfound love with 90s-sounds might also stem from John and David who usually have some pretty sweet recommendations on that account.



2 thoughts on “Math and Physics Club: Let’s clap to the 90s!

  1. I’ll bet it’s because John and I did our boygroup phase several years earlier and turned “serious” by the 90s.

    That “Long Drag”? Wow, that was everything familiar about the indie 90’s all packed into one song. Wow! How do they do that?


    1. So, New Kids on the Block? All previous “boygroups” are not nearly as embarrassing as the 90s boygroups, at least from those that left traces in musical history.

      Re: “Long Drag”, I have no idea how they did it, especially because it sounds great. Usually, when someone packs everything from something into song, it sounds like a hot mess. But I love this.


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