Quickie: Animal Eyes – They brought my indiepop-mojo back!

I don’t know why but I hardly listened to this kind of quirky art-indie-pop in the last year. Maybe these bands didn’t check on my radar or I wasn’t in the mood. However, the minute I heard “Bender”, the first song on Animal Eye‘s 2013 EP “Ursus” (which means “bear”, if I am not mistaken) had my heart flutter in excitement.

These charming young fellows are from Alaska (I secretly want to live there one day – well, now it is not so secret anymore…but hardly anyone reads this blog, so it is kind of secret anyways) and are super best friends (I bet they have secret handshakes and nicknames with embarrassing back-stories for each other). The music sounds like a jolly mixture of Port O’Brien, Vampire Weekend-like and the Canadian society of great music aka people involved with Wolf Parade and Broken Social Scene. It is high-energy indiepop with racing percussions and probably a very fun and rowdy live show.

For some reason, the band lives in Portland now – now why would you move away from Alaska? I don’t get it. But I guess they just really wanted to have a cameo in “Portlandia”, so they are forgiven.



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