Spinal Trip with Menomena

I tend to have a few standard non-related questions for each interview I do, just to round things up or lighten up the mood. One of my favourite go-to-questions is about the age-old question whether “Spinal Tap” was actually more like a documentary than initially perceived.

If I manage to keep this special going, we might get closer to the answer with each musician/band answering the one big question:

Do you have “Spinal Tap”-moments?

Justin Harris (Menomena)

Nightly. Actually, a couple of nights ago we played in Straussberg and the venue there had multiple venues and this backstage-area was this giant maze and everything was labeled but I remember laughing at one point, thinking of that part where they are all getting lost. But that’s not really an example. I wish I could give you a better example but I’ve never been stuck in a cocoon as much as I liked to. We definitely had a lot of things going wrong in the middle of the set but not because we were trying to be overly ambitious…or maybe it was. It’s just technical difficulties and those can make you feel like a total idiot, especially playing in Europe when you’re not speaking the languages.


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