Favourite Song: Lucius ‘Turn it around’

I don’t know what it is. Usually, I crave for opulent, dramatic and crazily teary-eyed concept albums that engulf me with violins and flutes and soft and caring voices. But this time around, I go for the pop at any chance. No wonder, then, that Lucius’ awesome single “Turn it around” immediately grabbed me by the hand and pulled me onto the dancefloor.

I love the obvious nod to the 50s/60s Ronettes/Shirelles-vibe (there was no surprise to find that the video also played with that theme) and it’s such a great song to get stuck in your ear and linger there to erupt whenever you need a boost of energy.

The video-version is a little more polished than the album version and Lucius’ sound in general is a little more raw and exciting. Think of the Mynabirds having tea with a beehived four-piece from the 60s and you’ll get Lucius who are actually a five-piece-band from Brooklyn. Although there are three dudes in the band, the main focus is totes on the friends Jess and Holly which also feels very much like a 60s prom-night hit-band. The girls conjure up some pretty lovely songs, some more on the rowdy side (“Nothing Ordinary”) and some very “O’ Brother where art thou”-ish (“Go Home” – which is gorgeous).

Even the video is adorable. Sure, it’s quite on the nose but the fact that some people might crave an ordinary life whereas others wish for more excitement and escape from their daily routine is a nice concept and adorably executed in the video.

Oh hell, here is the video for “Go Home” because that song is a real gem, even though it is sad and should have no place in my Winter-playlist…


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