Soap Box 10: Things that bugged me in March

People, what a month that was. I quit my job in March and had my last day at work last week. It’s a scary thing because I was bold enough to quit without having anything new which leads to most friends and family-members reacting as if I decided to jump down the Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel. But here’s the thing: I was unhappy at my job for a very long time and it was really hard to find something new with a 9 to 5-gig. So I saved a little money, thought a lot about it, panicked a lot about it and then quit. BAM!

Although I am already a little fearful that my expectations for my next job are too high (you know, not necessarily being unhappy at work and being paid moderately for it) but now it’s too late anyway and as often as I ask myself whether I regret my decision, the answer stays the same: Nope.
That might change in six months’ time but till then, let’s see what bothered me last month, because there’s always something, isn’t there?

1. Bad Taste Parties

I love irony, I really do. I use it often and I enjoy it in movies, books and daily life. But I am very much incapable of liking something ironically. I think it’s weird and off-putting, if people wear ugly clothes ironically, watch unbearably bad movies (and I don’t mean the ones that are involuntarily funny, because if you like “The Room”, it’s not ironically but simply pretentiously) or listen (or even dance) to horrible music. Like Bad Taste-parties, when everyone dresses like people from yesteryear (because a decade-away makes all fashion statements look stupid, right?) and listens to songs they actually like but never would admit to liking.

I mean, why would you do this otherwise? I don’t want to spend my evening listening and dancing to god-awful music. In fact, the few Bad Taste- or Trash-parties (as they are known in Germany) I went to, I joyfully danced to 80s pop and 90s Europop (although admittedly, I never could guess which band did which song) and when something truly horrible and “trashy” came on – I left the dancefloor. Ain’t no one got time for wasting energy on a bad song. Seriously.
And I guess I like songs that others find excruciatingly bad (as even some comments on this blog show – I am looking at you, Muriel) but I like them and that’s why I listen to them. I don’t listen to Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga or even Carly Rae Jepsen’s infuriatingly catchy “Call me Maybe” out of Irony; I listen to those songs because I enjoy them.

I mean, would those people also eat something gross ironically? Like cheap British Tesco-sausages or German Sülze? Would they live in the ugliest and least functional flat imaginable because it’s “Hilarious”?
I am not trashing (haha, pun not intended) people who go to these parties or dress up like it’s 1995 or watch the original “Maniac”-movie. I just question whether maybe, just maybe, they actually enjoy it. Enjoy the music, the – yes – not really flattering but fun and colourful clothes. Enjoy the head-exploding-scene (another great one from Tom Savini) in this otherwise incredibly boring movie.

Did you know that Michael Sombelo’s song “Maniac” actually was about this movie? He had to cut one part of the song that referenced to it being about a serial killer when he provided the song for “Flashdance”. Shame, would have loved to hear the sinister original idea…

2. Thriller movie-tropes the 234rd

I recently watched yet another Horror/Thriller where the (usually) female protagonist sees a ghost, everyone else thinks she’s crazy, she rejects everyone who wants to help her, solves a murder-mystery (with the help of that ghost) and then finishes the movie high and mighty on her high horse.
Now, most movies of this sort are actually nicely done but I wish for a movie where the plot involves two things:
1.) The protagonist is not disappointed that her (or his, there are exceptions) significant other doesn’t believe them that they see motherflipping ghosts! Look, I probably never will see a ghost and/or have a significant other that I trust so much that I would be disappointed in them over this but I hope that if this unlikely scenario would happen that I would behave like a rational human being and think; ‘Ok, I see ghosts but I can also see that it might seem weird for other people who don’t see ghosts.
So if they don’t believe me and think that I am having a nervous breakdown – which might be the more likely case – then I won’t be super-mad at them and scream at them that they don’t trust and/or love me enough because honestly, if my significant other – let’s just name him Mr. Renner – would one day wake up and proclaim that he sees yetis…I wouldn’t believe him either.

This is one of the bad examples. It’s a stinker of a movie and I know what you think: ‘There’s Robert Downey Jr. in it, how bad can it be?’ Well, Halle ‘After my Academy Award, I swore to only take crappy roles in crappy movies ‘Berry is playing the lead and besides, Downey Jr. was in this movie before his comeback, so don’t believe his smooth, charming face. Believe me and my bumpy sinister face.

2.) The protagonist’s very often illegal and reckless actions during the search for the truth are causing damage to other people and we – as the audience – actually get to see the damage. In those movies, the batshit-crazy hero of the movie does things that are thoughtless at best and outright dangerous at worst but there are never any real consequences after the murder is solved. Yes, during the movie, the heroine gets into jeopardy due to her “apparent” crazy behaviour but afterwards, all is forgotten.
I’d like to see a movie where the break-ins, violent outbursts, crazy car-rides etc.pp. are getting addressed afterwards because I am quite sure that vigilante behaviour is only cool if you obey the law. If you solve a crime but commit ten others on the way – you gotta somehow be made responsible, ok?

3. Interns

Whenever I read about those weird discussions that immigrants take our jobs then I just sneer and make noises like “pff” or “teh” because the real problem in this economy are interns. Those nasty buggers that work for free or below-minimum-wage and take up real jobs. Not just jobs for interns, where the sole purpose should be for them to learn a job in the field but ACTUAL jobs that the employer can’t afford to pay for so they get young (and sometimes not so young) people who dream of a real job one day and are desperate and naive and willing to work tirelessly 9 to 5 with hardly any pay but for the “experience” that is worth NOTHING (!) and therefore stealing the jobs for upright and experienced citizens like me.

Pictured: Not me
Oh, those interns. The one thing I hate about them most of all is their bright outlook on the jobmarket because they don’t know yet that it’s a horrible diseased place full of broken dreams and glass bottles, where people with decades of experience and a past of chief-positions are reduced to traineeships in magazines. No, interns step into the workplace as if it can actually offer them something but they don’t know the soul-sucking truth, no, but they will, sooner or later, may it be their third, fourth or fifth internship, they will realize that they are treading water and not getting ahead like one of those dreams where you run and run but never truly move and behind you is a monster or the physics teacher you always hated and you scream and scream but no one can hear you!
Ahem…well, I guess I prepare my job-applications…


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