Favourite Song: Courtney Love ‘You Know My Name’

Courtney Love is the perfect example how good it is to differentiate between the artist and the private person behind the artist*. She might come off as a mess in the headlines and her weird arguments with pretty much everyone everywhere are at best entertaining and ridiculous. But once you look at Love’s work as an artist – she’s amazeballs.

Her new releases – coming from a woman who takes years and years between albums – are loud, aggressive, dirty and raw. Her vocals are the strained dangerous beast that starts whispering dark secrets under your bed at night before it jumps out and tears you apart. Given that many former punkrock artists get a little tamer and folky-er with each passing year, it’s a delight to have this loud hurricane of guitar-power from a musician in her very late 40s. It’s a testament to her artistic core that she can still sound so youthfully upset without sounding as if she is trying too hard.

As this song comes on a double-single with an even angrier song called “Wedding Day”, it’s probably safe to say that any forthcoming album will be a force in this year’s heavier punkrock releases and I can’t wait. Whether it will be with the help of her former Hole-colleagues, as previously whispered, will be seen.


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