HP Lovecraft Week of Doom!

A couple of months ago I stumbled over the HP Lovecraft Podcast and was immediately smitten because it’s not only one of the most entertaining and informative but also funniest podcasts without trying to be funny.

Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer are not academic Lovecraft-scholars but immense fans and they are also in the movie business which is important because the quality of their podcast is therefore a shiny example of great sound, awesome background music and even sound effects like rain, screeching doors and the many racist undertones of Lovecraft’s stories (just kidding, I don’t really know how racism sounds…maybe like the casual laughter at a minstrel-show?). Anyways, aside from that, their expertise in the works of Lovecraft is enough to give insight into the background of the stories and they also analyze a lof of the themes and comment on stylistical devices.

Oh, and they joke a lot. I initially thought that it is kind of weird for a Lovecraft-podcast to be so humorous but then I realized that there is no other way to present his work because seriously, some of his texts (and not only the racist ones) have to be taken either with disgust and horror or with a good amount of humor and Lackey and Fifer do just that. They don’t excuse nor ignore all the horrible things Lovecraft thought about pretty much everyone which makes the whole endeavour very enjoyable (I am not dissing on Lovecraft as a very good writer here but he had some issues).

They also have expert readers (my favourite one is Andrew Leman who has the voice of a 50s movie star) who read excerpts of the stories that are discussed. Now, you can but you don’t have to read all the stories in advance because Chris and Chad pretty much summarize them throughout each episode which is cool because I don’t want to dig through the insane amount of stories that are essentially the same but only slightly different in style that Lovecraft wrote but I want to hear the podcasts about them because they are fun!

So, in honor of this awesome find, I thought of a fun week full of monsters, tentacles and weird (and maybe racist) noises coming from behind your walls. Oh, and I will even provide my own Lovecraftian story that I wrote after another podcraft-binge the other day. Soon.

Comictown “Deadbeats”


Short Story: Black Paint

Cartoon: Spongebob Chthulhu


2 thoughts on “HP Lovecraft Week of Doom!

  1. I’ve been a fan of their show for a few years now. There are other podcasts that cover the works of some of HPLs contemporaries and friends, if you’re interested.

    Clark Ashton Smith- The Double Shadow Podcast

    Robert E. Howard- The CromCast

    M. R. James- A Podcast to the Curious

    These shows use a similar format, and all approach their topics with humor and appreciation for the author they’re covering. I’ve grown fond of all of these writers, and I’m always happy when a new episode drops from any of these.


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