Comictown: ‘Deadbeats’

Ah, I love Graphic Novels that don’t drag on for dozens of volumes so it takes a lifetime (and a fortune) to get to the end of the story. Fifer and Lackey created their own Lovecraft-ian story in this amazingly told Comic that is exceptionally well-paced (unlike many Lovecraft-stories themselves), funny and creepy all at once. You can see their movie-vision unfold because it is like watching a movie in the way the scenes are set up, the characters are introduced and the whole story unfolds.


The illustrations – done by Ian Culbard (who does a lot of mystery/horror-stuff and his other projects also look darn good – are pretty good. Although they do lack some of the details that artists like Mike Norton offer in their comics, there is no lack of expression and each character is clearly distinctive which actually can be an issue in comics (believe me, there are some unfortunate examples out there). I would have wished for some more lavish backgrounds now and then but all in all this is a very fun read that holds up a reread and another reread and so on.

The story itself – well, I don’t want to spoil too much but I can tell you this: There is crime, jazz and a giant monster, plus roughly half a dozen other tropes that Lovecraft introduced to the world of horror. It’s a modern take (in a vintage setting) and makes you wonder what Chris and Chad could do with a “Supernatural”-style TV-show that lets its introduced characters travel around the world to discover more dark secrets behind walls, under graveyards and in weird musical compositions.

Plus, for Lovecraft-fans, it will be a party to see all the references to his stories, themes and settings. I bet you could even make a bingo-game out of it. FUN!

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