Favourite Song: Kithkin ‘Altered Beast’ is out for blood! Dance-blood, that is!

Yeah! There is an art to always sounding fresh and exciting and a little bit raunchy. Kithkin deliver yet again with music that has a kick, a punch, musical excellence and enough spunk to make it a darn good pop song for the raging hours between 2 and 3 when everyone is the right amount of drunk to completely loose it.

And what do you know, without knowing the lyrics, I completely got the whole song because one look at the lyric sheet (aka the internet) shows, that “Altered Beast” indeed celebrates the wild beasts that we become on the dance floor. Well, it also deals with our/my generation’s dilemma of seeing a whole lot of bleakness whenever we look into the future and therefore having to make the best of it or die trying…like, hoping for cool genetically enhanced superpowers whenever another food scandal rocks the nation or pretending that we won’t die one day because someone invented a super-flu.

Speaking of the future: I might have already written that but I hope to be a digitalized brain within an indestructible android. How about you?


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