Lazy Sunday: Chthulhu Squarepants


I am not sure that it would be age-appropriate what with all the insanity and carnage but I still would love to see this version on Nickelodeon one day. Maybe someone else already had that idea because it seems so obvious, right?

Also, I want to share something completely unrelated to HP Lovecraft. I recently rewatched “Silence of the Lambs” (of course I did after binge-watching “Hannibal”) and discovered something that probably everyobdy knows already but personally – it blew my mind.

Did you know that this guy…

…is also this guy:

What? I reacted as I always react to discoveries like this: Glee, screaming and laughter that was wildly inappropriate because in the background on my TV screen, a serial killer threatened to cut off a woman’s skin and make a dress out of it…

Also – because we all have it in our head right now:

I always wondered how it feels to have everyone associate your song with a naked serial killer who would like to be transgender but isn’t really and – confused as he is – tries to wear a skin-dress. I mean, that’s the music-business-dream right there. However, it’s an awesome song with or without naked Ted Levine prancing around. What happened to Q Lazzarus? Why didn’t they become more popular? This is grade-A 80s pop a la Yazoo and Erasure.


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