Quickie: Lambert ‘dto.’ – does not contain ‘American Idol’

This mysterious artist has given himself an Alter Ego called ‘Lambert’ which – in my humble opinion – is nearly as clever as naming your band The Music (and yes, those guys existed as well) because Google turns into a ferocious asshole never giving you what you want because the information is so scarce and the name (as well as the bloody album-name, wise choice, dude) is impossible for anyone who doesn’t want to know the lyrics for “Whaddayawantfromme” (I guessed the writing with this one).

BUT this piano-album that is wonderful and moody is a beautiful piece of low-key, fluid and slightly jazzy (at least according to the press release) music that stays in a very defined space of melancholic soundtracks for the French drama that plays solely during rain-streaked windows.

I wish I could tell you more about the artist but all I got is that it’s probably not Adam Lambert…and even that can’t be fully confirmed.


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