The 2014 Summer Song A-pop-alypse! (Ongoing List)

Hey Y’all! So, it’s getting hot out there, hot and sunny which makes my pasty white skin crinkle in terror. But the sunlight is healthy for you, provides vitamins and endorphins and people somehow look more attractive during summer (yes, sure, there are also more crazy people in the streets during summer but nothing’s ever perfect, now, is it?)

To celebrate this, I thought I put my own spin on the obnoxious habit of music journalists to get their own summer-hits-list up and will try to update it whenever I find another song that might fit the golden rules of the summer song:


1.) It shall be upbeat!

It doesn’t have to be one of those dance-monsters that make you sweat through every pore and shake all the booties you’ve got but it should be enough to make you wiggle your tail a little and consider getting up and shaking that thang if only for a bit. It shan’t be dreary, though (sorry Lana del Ray).

2.) It shall be uplifting (lyrics excepted)

Hey, this is summer and we want to feel great! So if this song sounds sad or depressing, it won’t get on this list. However, lyrical sadness in a sea of uplifting melodies is allowed, so if any band plans to put out yet another happy song about a school shooting – you’re welcome to do so!

Let’s do this!

Lucius “Turn it around”

This was one of the first songs to get me out of the winter-slump, so it obviously deserves to be here. And despite the fact that this band is also smashing in a live setting, they are simply amazing songwriters and very worthy of the first spot on this list.

Sylvan Esso “Hey Mami”

Nick and Amelia are the perfect pop-duo because they combine music-nerdom, humor and an open love for pop-music which results in an endearing mixture of 90s dance-music and 40s a cappella-music, AND you can imagine yourself dancing to this kind of music till the early morning hours. Also: these two are absolutely amazeballs live and Amelia’s dancing is awesome.

Kishi Bashi “Philosophize in it! chemicalize with it!

This guy! It’s super difficult to hear this song and not jump up and dance or move in any way because this song is so joyful and full of glee that it makes Spongebob look like a depressed goth writing poems about Edgar Allen Poe.

The War on Drugs “Red Eyes”

In case you like pop but also love swaying with a melancholy swagger and pretend you’re Morrissey, this song is the perfect choice! The War on Drugs keeps being one of the coolest 80s bands that didn’t even exist in the 80s.

Temples “Shelter Song”

For a band that looks like the Noel Fielding-look alike-contest, these guys surprisingly make no weird electro music with outlandish lyrics but instead do very heavy psychedelic pop directly lifted from the 60s. It helps that the intro sounds like every second song from that era (plus the “Friends”-intro) and that the drums are perfect for clapping along (if you are into that kind of thing). So, let’s get naked and dance on a field of flowers!

Against Me! “Unconditional Love”

I think this list totally lacked of a good song for fist-pumping into the air. So here’s this amazing punkrock-band delivering a song that has the Bowie-swagger of “Suffragette City”, an easy to memorize message (very good for any planned demonstrations on marriage rights et al) and just a very fun and energetic song all in all with a melody that will be stuck in your head for weeks. “Is this pop?”, you might ask and I will reply: “It is, because I want it on my playlist!”

Magic Man “Swampy Seconds”

Yes, Rock’n’ Roll to save the day! If you want to shake your ass like it never has been shook before, this is the perfect song to do so, particularly as it has one of those amazing choruses where everyone in the room can go completely bat-shit crazy and just move every limp without any coordination.

Heartsrevolution “Kiss”

Remember 2007/2008, when every cool song was this fuzzy distorted electro-sound that made Nu Rave a new-found religion? Well, Heartsrevolution apparently put this in a mixer together with Stacie Q’s smash hit “Two Hearts” and turned it into a lovely, whimsical love-song that sounds messy but is catchy enough to push you onto the dancefloor.

to be continued…


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