Give me a song!

Hey blog-readers, especially those, that are totes into music.

I just started this totally rad music-group on Facebook and maybe some of you want to get in on the game as well!

The concept is pretty easy: Every group member ideally posts one single song each month. Just one.


That way, it is easy to stay on top and actually listen to the song choices by the other group members. In contrast to our own feeds, where we can post whatever we want, how many times a day, in this group, we have to think about our song choice and maybe even think a bit more about the reason why a certain song should be posted here.

Some other things:

– it would be cool to introduce each song with a short explanation why you chose that song. That, however, is not obligatory.

– you can invite other music lovers

– you don’t have to post a song if you don’t want to or can’t think of one

– of course, no one is forced to listen to all the songs

– discussion about each song is highly encouraged, however, if you want to critic a song that you don’t like, it has to be productive and respectful (which means that it should be everything that youtube-comments aren’t).

– All kinds of songs are allowed, whether they are the new single by this super-unknown underground band from a dingy bar in Brooklyn who make music with cheese-knives and mustard-glasses or the new song by Miley Cyrus. No music elitism, please.

So, if you want to, you can join us (I don’t know whether you can just knock on the facebook-door and I can let you in or whether there is some massively complicated invite-process involved, however, if the latter is the case, just tell me and I add you – we’ll get it done, somehow).


5 thoughts on “Give me a song!

    1. I might or might not start a spotify-list as soon as there are enough songs to make it worthwhile and if you really want to add your songs, you can be an exclusive non-member and give me your song-suggestions, so I can post them on your behalf.


      1. Oh boy! Then I’d get to wear my special superhero pajamas and act like a birthday boy all year.

        Actually, I could bite the bullet (tastes horrible, I hear) and be a joiner …


      2. It’s your decision and you will not be bullied into joining. Fortunately, I have quite a few friends who to this day aren’t on Facebook, so I know the reasons not to get on to the bandwagon.


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