Favourite Song: Gentlemen ‘Gentle Duke’

I just can’t help it, any song that sounds like a heavy cloud of psychedelic colours (and pot, I guess) immediately draws me in and that’s coming from someone who never really got into smoking weed because it makes everything happen in slow motion.

This song is a bit more than the usual retro 70s whammy-rock-song, though, and adds some fantastic glam-harmonies in between those proggy guitar-parts and it’s all wonderfully rolled up in some pretty nice drums, venturing into some insanely saxophoney prog-instrumental before the guitars pull it back into the glitter-vocals and the overall feel that Styx were super-amazing.

It’s just an awesome mindfuck of a song and it’s perfect under the scorching sun, like a giant heat-stroke and you will not know what just happened when it slowly fades out.


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