Please don’t Freeze: before and after white dudes stole Rock ‘n’ Roll

I don’t fight people who say that Elvis is the king of Rock ‘N’ Roll, neither do I fight people who say that Led Zeppelin are the godfathers of metal and that the Beatles were the best songwriters in the world – but come on, everyone who knows a little about rock music knows that all these artists stole not just a little but truckloads of moves, melodies and money from the black artists that came before them.

The sampler “Please don’t Freeze” puts emphasis on the most influential (and sometimes forgotten) artists of the 50s and 60s and its third volume, released in Germany under the Trikont-label, is a darn good overview not only on the black artists of that time but also the different styles that the origins of Rock ‘n’ Roll inhabited.

From the bluesy slow-burners to the ass kicking pipes of Tina Turner (who I never would have recognized hearing her voice) – the collection is fun, surprising and obviously features some guitar- and piano-parts that kick the lame-o versions of some of the radio-friendly rock songs of that era.

This guitar is absolutely gorgeous and unfortunately, I have no idea who is playing because not even the official Atlantic Records page has the names of the band.

THIS is probably the origin of Eric Burdon’s vocal styles.

So yeah, get that sampler and dig into it because I want to post every single song on it because there are no boring ones on there. As someone who usually despises most samplers for their usual fillers, this is the one to beat.


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