Quickie: The Dirty Panties destroy Las Vegas’ dazzle

I saw the name on the tracklist of the punktastic Sampler “Fresh Ink Vol. 3” and knew I had to write about this band no matter how crap they might be. And surprise! They are a super awesome female punk-outfit from Las Vegas of all cities. I always thought that it is mandatory to do lounge-music to be allowed to make music in Las Vegas. It might even be true because the band was founded 2001 in New York, secretly probably. And secretly, they gathered a secret fanbase in the basement clubs of Las Vegas, deep deep under the big Britney Spears-stage and far far away from lip-sync horridness.

They have the drum/bass sound that I really love with my punk-tea and they sound more 70s alt-punk than 80s mohawk-punk, which – let’s be honest here – is mainly superior with a few exceptions.

By the way, the sampler is a frikken gem because it featuers mainly Las Vegas-punk which is surprisingly diverse – apparently, the underground is a gigantic maze of punks that roar beyond the dazzling showgirls.


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