Favourite Song: Tina Dico ‘Someone you love’ is a song y’all love

Apparently, the days when I proudly proclaimed that “Country is out, the Blues Brothers are in” (after ignorantly singing “Rawhide” while my parents laughed their asses off), are long gone and I finally get the beauty of standing in a field in the south of ‘Merica, longingly looking towards the distance, dreaming of truck drives, deceitful women and the devil in the bottle.

Ok, Tina Dico is not an outright country artist and has played with a lot of genres (and effortlessly so) but her new single has not only the world weary guitar to a T but also uses her voice in that certain way that women on front porches of farm houses use who wait for their husbands to return.

Honestly, though, “Someone you love” is a beautiful country song and does the genre proud (and it can use it, there are way too many things in the Billboard Charts that make the genre pretty embarrassed). The song is from her upcoming album “Whispers” and I can’t decide whether I want it to be fully committed to country or as versatile as previous records.

OMG, the live version has a banjo! Instant win!

By the way, Tina is from Denmark, Aarhus specifically, which I visited once and fell in love with (Sweden and Denmark are so pretty, it hurts my heart to sit in a trash-heap like Berlin).


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