Favourite Song: Jesca Hoop ft. Guy Garvey “Murder of Birds”

I actually know someone who doesn’t care for Guy Garvey’s voice. I think that person is just crazy because I think his voice goes with everyone else’s, is amazing and fitting at all times and might be the single-most calming thing next to Morgan Freeman talking about penguins.

Well, Garvey’s guest performance with the lovely Jesca Hoop on her song “Murder of Birds” is absolutely sweet and subtle and leaves a lot of room for Jesca‘s otherworldly voice to soar through her nearly Joanna Newsome-esque song which was originally released on “Hunting my dress” and is a bitter-sweet lovesong. The duet was released on her album “Undress” which contains reworks a nice list of her songs in an acoustic setting (another one with Willy Mason, who I heart like hardly anyone else).

The acoustic album might be especially great for everyone who has seen her live because on tour, she sometimes relies on her voice and guitar only and that is honestly all you need with a skilled songwriter like her.

By the way, her connection with Guy Garvey is not really coincidental because Jesca’s manager is also Elbow’s manager and Jesca was a touring background-singer for Peter Gabriel who is constantly bro-ing it up with Garvey. I have to say, what a wonderfully talented group of musician friends. Let them write a pop opera, please.

Words always fail me whenever I see a singer/songwriter who just commands the stage by sheer presence.


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