Cover me Weirdly: ‘Royals’ by Lorde

People can compare her to Lana del Rey as much as they like but in contrast to Lana del Rey’s bored-ass non-singing I actually enjoy the smart lady from New Zealand and even though Lorde is your typically mopey intellectual teenager, she probably (hopefully) enjoys Weird Al Yankovic’s parody of her summer hit.

Man, Weird Al. For very long, I pretty much hated parody music like this but since this ridiculous video:

I am a total Weird Al-fan and enjoy his parodies so much that my five-years-ago self would probably cry out in embarrassment. But what can I say, there is wit, stupid puns and a very joyful silliness to everything he does. For Christ’s sake, this guy did a “Pokerface”-parody called “Polka Face”. I don’t even have to hear the song to start laughing on inconvenient occasions just by thinking about that name.

By the way, this is one of 8 planned music videos that Weird Al releases in anticipation for his new album. When Beyonce did it, I actually didn’t watch a single video even though I like me some Queen Bey now and then but this time around, I am excited for every new ridiculous song.


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