Midnight Masses ‘Departure’ – what your hallucinatory sun-burned mind needs right now

First off, the obligatory apology for not being that productive last month but I am actually productive just not for this blog which is a shame because there’s still at least two interviews I want to transcribe for you guys and some lists and whatnot. But I got myself a new job and getting up early in the morning again plus the horrible summer-weather (urgh, heat and sun – my arch enemies) turned me into a puddle of sweat and empty coffee cups.

I am so beside myself that I even listened to a somewhat minimal electro album last week and kinda enjoyed it. I was worried.

But I carved myself a little time slot for you guys to post at least a little somethin’ somethin’ for you.

Well, I still prefer the movie that Portugal. The Man did once for “Sleep Forever” but whatever. Not everyone can make psychedelic music AND psychedelic movies that are both picture perfect.

Midnight Masses are the perfect soundtrack for the kind of heat-stroke-inducing temperatures, especially in a big city far away from the sea, where the air is just stagnant and gross. Their psychedelic electro-pop wavers through their album “Departures” and evokes glimmering images of dark monolithic objects hovering in deserts, harbouring dark and ancient secrets (did I mention that I watched “2001” a few weeks ago?).

But there’s not just doom-ey psychedelia to be found on their album because now and then they actually hurl out a sweet popsong (“all goes black”) that, admittedly, is not that sweet when it comes to the lyrics (unless you find it endearing when a bullet gets anthropomorphized and talks to the head it’s about to enter – Pixar, are you on it?).

Midnight Masses are the side-project of some guys from …And you will know us by the trail of our super-long bandname and – totally unrelated – some songs have a certain HEALTH-vibe (but that’s just me) which suits the mood of the album.

It’s one of those albums that feel a little unfocused upon first glance because there are many different sound-experiments in context of electro-psychedelia-pop but then feel more and more cohesive, the closer you look – like a reversed impressionist painting. Especially the occasional breaks in the flow (that do remind whose band-members are side-projecting here) are a nice addition to kick you out of your trance and then pull you back in.

And boy, do I appreciate a funky song like “Clap your hands” that is great to dance to but at the same time feels like you shouldn’t dance to it because it would be too uncool.

Oh, but to spoil the surprise: That last song actually fits a lot more into Winter but that’s probably because you will still listen to this album come Christmas.


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