Muscle and Marrow ‘The Human Cry’ – Portland doom

To be honest, with the exception of True Widow, I can’t listen to any doom-album as a whole. But that doesn’t detract from the fun some of these provide and there’s real fun to be had with this duo from Portland who sound as if My Brightest Diamond (who coincidentally just released a new EP) got into Doom-metal.

It’s a weird mixture and even within one song I waver from “like it” to “hm” because it is an odd combination. That being said, I rather have an ambitious project confusing my feels than something boring.

This is of course a super-bad sound example because there’s no doom. No jarring bass and no restrained yet dangerous drum-part. Also: Who does an interview with a mic in one and a beer in the other hand? I always need at least one free hand to do a spontaneous jazz hand-gesture.


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