Wolf Alice: It’s no cosplay theme, you guys but don’t leave just yet

Just minutes before I listened to Wolf Alice, I coincidentally listened to a band that tried the exact same music style (grunge-inspired music carried over to the 21st century) and failed miserably and because I don’t name them, I can be awful enough to say: If you’re lazy with your music, people will hear it.

Wolf Alice do everything right, they start their EP “Creature Songs” with the right amount of guitar-strumming 90s-goodness to confidentially step into the clear vocal sound of bands like Metric and immediately hit you with the kind of genius chorus that sticks to your ears like gum on the underside of every schooltable ever. Although they do sound very Seattle-ish, these guys and gals are from London and are named after a short story by Angela Carter (and here I was thinking about a cool cosplay mix of Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood…one day, though).

Their EP is a delicious, addictive and just gritty enough alt-pop-surprise that I sorely needed after a week full of staffmeetings, Power Point presentations and oh so many statistics.

I also recommend to pull this EP out in a few months because this is atumn-music for rain and hot chocolate by the fire…or Playstation, whatever floats your boat.

Am I the only one thinking of Moaning Myrtle played by Julia Robers when reading the song title?


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