Lazy Sunday: Andy Warhol was an idiot

idiot warhol

Seriously, anyone who says something along the lines of knowledge/information/facts/education kill creativity/fantasy/innovation is an absolute moron. What do you think who is more imaginative? The person who knows the limits of the world and therefore is able to think beyond them or the person who has no idea what is even possible and therefore just bases their “fantasy” on a blank piece of mind?

And even if information can do such things as debunking myths and superstitions, it does nothing to lessen the wonders of the world. Again, what is more interesting? A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or the fact that a rainbow can actually form a full circle, that it is not an object and only ever can be seen from a 42° angle and that there is a high possibility of rainbows existing on Saturn’s moon Titan?

Someone like Dali or Picasso or the master artists of the Renaissance would never assume that lack of information (aka knowledge) would diminish their art and given what they created, it might even have fueled it. So there…Warhol might have been an inspirational artist for many but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a dunce.


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