Favourite Song: Bear in Heaven ‘Time Between’

Man, I love those meandering rock hymns that feel a little too epic but still work because they carry a certain 80s suave with them. “Blue Crystal” by New Order did this awesomely as did “Babylon” by Soundtrack of our Lives. And Bear in Heaven’s “Time Between” might be a new contender for the kind of music you want on the verge of grandness. And I don’t mean the metaphorical kind, I mean the full overwhelming universal grandness of nature around us, and the law of physics and the universe with all its insanely cool black holes and dark matter. I mean the actual grandness that surrounds us every single day and that is a thousand times more exciting and overwhelming than any writer could ever imagine. Yes, let the physical world astound you, you nerd!

You like bear-related music? Then you will love this post.


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