My Brightest Diamond: New EP, new song, new album coming soon

Shara Worden is one of those insanely awesome artists who just slip in and out of genres and musical styles as if they are shedding skin.

Her new song “Lover/Killer” lightly treads through a short-breathed verse only to dive into a Peter Gabriel-esque chorus (ca. 80s, trumpets included) and seems to be from a completely different artistic timeline than her previously released EP “None more than you” which seems a little more dense and impenetrable at first but slowly grows on you and soon has engulfed you in green leaves and dark roots that slowly grow tighter and tighter. In fact, “Dreaming Awake” could be the earthy version of Susanne Sundfors eerily airy “Silicon Veil” – now that’s a pair of musicians that should work together to never let you go.

But don’t worry, the second song on the EP “Whoever you are” is next to perky and joyfully mixes up 80s (trumpets again) and the kind of uplifting woodstock cheer that could easily turn into a hymn. Shara will turn it into a Elfman-tune, though and lead you through some crooked lanes before skipping right into the sunlight.

“Dreams don’t look like” then sounds like a classic Shara-song if it weren’t for the rather stripped down instrumentation which turns it into the most classical songwriter-sounding song she has done in a long long time. And because that is way too surprising for any fans of hers, it just drifts off and we’re at the end of the road EP – well, almost if it weren’t for a remix of “Dreaming Awake” and “The Point When” which starts with a male a cappella-choir and therefore immediately wins in my opinion.

There will be an album soon, as Ms. Warden says on Facebook which will be called “This is my hand” and will be released by Asthma Kitty. Rejoice!


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