Favourite Song: Carina Round ft. Aidan Hawken ‘Come Undone’

First off, thanks for this discovery go to the fabulous S.P. who is a member of our awesome “Give me a Song“-group on Facebook and offered this song for August – S.P. – you rock the Casbah!

I love being surprised by a song and – spoiler alert – this one really managed to do that in the whoa-est of all whoa-ing ways. It starts with a droplet of water and suddenly rushes you out to the sea, making no prisoners. Aidan Hawken‘s voice is a beautifully subtle addition that doesn’t take over but rather underlines her song (just as Neko Case did with Laura Veirs’ “Sun Song”. Ice Cream should never take over the pie but it’s still always better with than without. And now I totally destroyed the mood I wanted to set for this song because it’s so dramatic and whirling…

Carina‘s last album is from 2012 (“Tigermending”) and it’s a lovely, cool affair of Alternative mixed with ye olden school of singer/songwriter-isms. If you don’t like one song of her, don’t worry, there will be some other song you quite possibly fall in love with because that dame has style.

Anyways, I think it is save to say that “Come Undone” is a first look on a probably next album and even though I still have to catch up on all her previous ones, I can’t wait. (Editor’s note: It also could be a late Spotify-release of Round’s and Hawken’s EP “Walking Blind” which was released last year).


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