Urgh, anonymous interneters are the worst

Remember when Edward Snowden blew the whistle and then jetsetted to Russia to see Putin halfnaked on a horse? And then the media were superfocused on Snowden and where he was, what postcards he sent from Russia and whether Russian vodka really is that good? And when political writers/thinkers really were concerned because that focus on Snowden took a lot of necessary focus off the NSA and Obama?

Well…at least Snowden was celebrated as a hero.

Before we really get this going, an added editor’s note: This post got liked by a self-proclaimed anti-feminist blogger. I don’t know why and I don’t know whether my writing made it unclear or ambiguous but this entry as well as this blog is coming from a very strong feminist perspective. If she liked it because she agrees with me, that’s cool but before someone confuses this entry somehow, let’s make one thing clear: I am for equal rights for all races, gender-definitions, sexualities and religions. Do I think that we are all equal? Of course not, I am not stupid (plus, I am a woman of science and therefore know better). BUT I do think that we all should be treated like equals because that is the main core of feminism (if you don’t believe me, read about feminism in academic sources and not internet comments), of human rights and of my ideal social construct.  Thank you.

Now, where were we?

So, there’s this female game developer who made a game about depression and who is a feminist and whose ex-boyfriend recently outed her as a cheating meany who had slept with, like, all the important people in the gaming history to get ahead.

And I am like – well, it’s probably not the first time that someone bribed a journalist or producer to get their little mole-whacking-game (with skin-moles, get it?) produced and that gaming journalists are corruptable, quite often don’t actually play the whole game but still churn out their reviews and use the evil thump as they like (or as they get urged by their chief editors who are desperate for those ad-banners by that big game company that has really bad games). I mean, it was dickish of her (if she did it) and if she really did fake some of the harassment she received then it was extra-dickish but I doubt that she faked all those horrible comments that I read about her, plus, is this thing really such a gigantic nipplegate?

But the internet is like – dude, that gal is the worst in the whole wide world and she alone is responsible for the downfall of gaming journalism because this is about integrity and she has none and we need to talk about this, no wait, we don’t need to talk about this but about her and how horrible she is, so let’s shame her, harass her and her family, release her private information on public comment boards, make up a gigantic conspiracy theory (suddenly that gal is the Illuminati) and tell everyone who speaks out in her favour that they are brainwashed/feminist bitches/not informed enough.

And some people think – well, but isn’t the real problem a bunch of guys in higher positions who let themselves be corrupted by something as stupid as sex? Are guys – again – really that helpless in face of a vajayjay that they can’t help themselves and that a single horrible feminist was able to simply use her sexual powers to corrupt a whole system (and also ruin feminism for everyone as some of the “well, I don’t have anything against feminism but…”-commenters will point out)? And even if her supposedly cheating on her boyfriend and supposedly using sex for her own career-gain is dickish, why is the focus 90% on her and only 10% on those dudes? Shouldn’t it be at least 50% just to be even or…forgive the pun…equal?

Or shouldn’t we instead – just for shits and giggles – start a much more general discussion on journalistic standards in the gaming industry and ALSO on the obvious emotional rage-issues the community has when it comes to women?

And the internet is like – no, you’re stupid!

And I say:

For fair balance, I will link an article that is pretty ok.


PS: But what really got me fuming while reading way too many of these fucktarded comments was the fact that people (and I am wildly assuming here that “people” refers to 90% dudes) referred to the gal in question faking some of her harasser’s actions as a “she pulled a Sarkeesian”. Remember Anita Sarkeesian who was actually, really harassed by a gigantic group of sexist morons because she simply – and not even aggressively – talked about gender issues in video games? HOW is that even closely comparable? Do you mean that the gal in question actually didn’t fake anything and that it indeed was just a bunch of assholes? Because that’s what it would mean if you so loosely compare these situations.

GOSH, I really wanted to stop these posts because they rile me up but people are just so



6 thoughts on “Urgh, anonymous interneters are the worst

  1. You know, I’m a guy, and I was raised rather … conservatively on these issues, so I used think asking the lines of “well yeah, but what are these people complaining about, I mean, women are treated fine in our society, where’s the problem?”
    Until I started reading comments.


  2. Author’s note: For some reason, Insanitybites2, an anti-feminist blogger, liked this article. I have no idea why and first wanted to comment on her many polemic and horribly argumented blog articles but then decided that it’s fighting against windmills because this blogger (and sadly, most of her readers) has put into her mind that biology negates everything that “shrieking feminists” (quoting here) are demanding. (Funnily enough, there’s hardly any scientific evidence on her blog to justify any of her crazy strawman arguments, it’s all anecdotal and universal claims without any proof).
    I just want to say that I am a full-hearted feminist (and anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that) and do not agree with any of Insanitybites2’s ideas. Mic Drop.


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