Cake Box #2: These things obviously won’t happen monthly

1. Inside No. 9

I can never quite figure out which League of Gentlemen-Gentlemen deliver the greatest pieces of pop culture but for fans of their tv-series, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith definitely lead the way for unconventional, dark and horrifying comedy which – weirdly – is still quite seldom to be found (and no, “Supernatural” doesn’t count).

The newest (well, more recent, it’s been out there since a few months) gift to fans of the macabre is “Inside No. 9”, a rare form of the clever genre of horror anthology that – in stark contrast to the grim and almost misanthropic “Black Mirror” by Charlie Brooker” – has a lot of fun with delving further and further into the depth of human depravity. Even though not every episode might be outright terrifying, there’s not one that isn’t entertaining and interesting because there are many ways in which Pemberton and Shearsmith try to work with their environment – oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the gist of the show is that every episode features a room or a house or a building that has the #9 (hence the name). Therefore, some episodes play in a single room whereas others have a whole creepy villa to roam through (one that reminds me a lot of the beany baby-heaven of “Psychoville”, by the way).

Although the first episode is – in my opinion – as grim as it gets, the gothic/horror elements of each episode stack up to a truly awesome finale that had one of my favourite jokes of the entire season in it. The whole series feels like a nod to Roald Dahl who equally managed to mix up the terror with the grotesque and comedic and who also kept us glued to the pages (or in this case, the screen) through very concise storytelling and thought through characters. For horror fans in general this series is riddled with great references and inside-jokes as pretty much everything else this golden writing team has come up with. It’s very weird, very British and very amazing.

2. Bad Machinery goes Mod

For reasons unknown, I kinda stopped reading my daily/weekly/monthly webcomics and only recently got back to it only to discover that I had abandoned the great stories of John Allison so much that I missed one and three quarters of new stories. GASP! The current one is a great romp through a re-discovery of the mod-movement (with great hairstyles and dire consequences) that – as all teenage movements go – soon plunges into chaos.

Teenagers, ey? *scrunches up nose in disgust*

3. The funniest thing that happened to me since the last Cake Box

Ok, so because it’s summer, I logged into OkCupid because around this time every year I do something very regrettable because I am bored (’tis true). That’s neither funny nor entertaining and I never ever would have mentioned if it weren’t for this thing that happened. So, because I am not really actively looking for my soulmate (mainly because I don’t believe such a thing exists), I am mucking about a lot and usually send random (but not creepy) messages to funny profiles. One of the dudes got a picture from me that featured Bill Cosby in a pineapple-shirt (there is an explanation for that but it’s tltr). Anyways, he went on my profile, apparently didn’t find it as amusing and charming as it obviously is because he didn’t reply. However, one day later he did message me to blame me for a dream he had in which Bill Cosby offered him a drink on a train to Alaska.

Juliane W. – subliminally putting random stuff in your dreams since 1984.

I wonder whether I should simply send everyone the Bill Cosby-picture from now on to see whether they all will dream of him and whether the dream-situations with him vary, like offering some chili on a sailboat to Greece or dancing on a plane to Honolulu. (edit 02/2015): since I didn’t know about the countless accusations against Cosby, I guess that I really should not make anyone else dream of him in the near or far future unless I wanted to commit to my dark side and turn everyone mad)

Who wouldn’t love some more Cosby in their lives?

4. Margarethe

When I still worked at the gossip-mill, I once wrote an article about a former German tv-host who had since more or less retired. I wanted to know more about her present life and decided to add her on Facebook because unlike most other celebrity profiles only friends could see her posts and because unlike many many more famous people, she didn’t have a Page but a profile. Well, nothing happened that day and I wrote the article and forgot about it.

Weeks later, Margarethe accepted and I thought that it was so funny and weird that I simply left her in my feed even though I am highly picky with my Facebook-friends and regularly weed out people. Well, she’s still there and I tell you why – her Facebook-profile is one of the most charming celebrity-profiles I’ve ever seen. She writes like a typical somewhat older person who can work her way around the internet but is not really savvy: Her entries are really long and read like postcards or personal letters. And they are full of trivial infos about her garden and her holidays and what she cooked, how she spent her weekend with friends, etc.pp. It’s just a lovely Facebook-island that is innocent, maybe a little naïve but incredibly good-natured.


4 thoughts on “Cake Box #2: These things obviously won’t happen monthly

  1. 1. Interesting. I’d like to try that.
    2. I feel like I should comment something uplifting here, but then again, I want to risk neither giving the impression that I consider you in need of consolation, nor sounding like a pathetic stalker, and I don’t trust myself to find a suitable alternative, so instead I might reminisce a little about Bill Cosby, but I’m typing on a mobile device, so … I’m out of options.


      1. Smooth like a mango and a banana in a blender. If I still write about my hilariously tragic OKCupid-adventures in the next post, you can post something uplifting. But given that I am awfully lazy with these things, you’ll have quite some time to come up with a witty pun to lift my spirits (because I expect nothing less from you). But I tell you, if it weren’t for certain restrictive laws in Germany, I would post a gallery of the worst profile-pictures on that site – it’s a hoot. From the “stranger in the shadows because he obviously has to hide his horrible face…or a horrible secret?” to the “I only post my legs because I am a well known businessguy” (that actually is true, there is such a profile).


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