The Wytches ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ – scary surfboard

Psychedelic Surfpop”, the music site 3voor12 tells me, but isn’t it so much more plus one of those tiny cute cocktail-umbrellas? The bandmembers formed the enigmatic The Wytches 2011 in England and do what young musicians are supposed to do: the f*** they want. Their garage rock with psychedelic elements is deeply embedded in a groovy wave of 60s surftunes, happily sponsored by heavy bass-work and a lil wee horrorbilly. The result is an electrifying debut album that hopefully will make its rounds because it is like a pina coloada-version of Skating Polly meet Robert Jones (or Black Sabbath meet The Beach Boys for some older references) and that’s something the music scene always needs. Energy! Oh, and nightmares, because songs like “Fragile Male” sound like something you hear in the background while some sinister monks prepare the blood-ritual.

Nice dance moves are always appreciated.

By the way, I think I have to mention that they originally called themselves The Witches but decided to change the spelling to make the Google search easier – thank you, I complain quite often about bad google-choices for bandnames and am happy that there are some artists out there who know how to deal with the internet.


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