Favourite Song: The New Pornographers ‘Brill Bruisers’

The New Pornographers are one of those bands I am aware of but didn’t have a clear musical idea of. I wonder why because the first song on their new album (both titled “Brill Bruisers”) dives right into my alley, throws confetti and hands out candy (wrapped of course, for hygienic reasons). It’s a fantastic opener, the kind of song you turn on in the morning to kick off the sleep and the “urgh, it’s off to work”-feeling that even cool working places can evoke when you didn’t get enough sleep (and I need tons of it, so I never get enough unless I go to sleep at 4pm in the afternoon).

Remember that there was a time in the early 2000s, when songs like this were super In? I am thinking of Toploader and then this band with the bald dude and the people in a mall. The Radicals? Maybe. People in the mall are always super radical. Anyways, this song is like a supreme-version of these songs because you hum along halfway through and you know that this could potentially be a catchy summer hit if catchy summer hits would be more often a little smarter than “Call me Maybe” (don’t get me wrong, though, I still dig that song a little).


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