Lazy Sunday: How I perceive things

So there I was, going shopping for some formal wear for work and – as usual when shopping – walking circles around the shopping area. Then I see this guy filming something on the other side of the road and I turn my head back to see what it is, thinking ‘that’s odd, there’s not even a cool city-sight just a boring building’ when I see this GIANT ASS MONKEY HEAD THAT I ALREADY PASSED TWO TIMES!


Man, was he pissed that I didn't greet him...
Man, was he pissed that I didn’t greet him…

You know that scene in a movie when everyone sees the monster/freak wave/bandai-robot-merchandise and runs together with a gigantic mob in the opposite direction? If those scenes were real, there would always, ALWAYS be a duffus like me who didn’t get the memo and idly strolls towards the monster because they are daydreaming. Geez.


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