Favourite Song: Trampled by Turtles ‘Repition’ – or maybe déjà vu?

Trampled by Turtles have released a new album, a gorgeous autumn-fest called “Wild Animal” and two songs* specifically make my heart bleed metaphorically like a flower. The weird thing is that when I listen to both songs I feel like I know them since ages. Some music does that when it’s especially boring and repetitive but even if the title of today’s pick would suggest that, it’s not the case. It’s a beautifully drunken hymn that would make bands like O’Death weep with empathy.

I love that the melody is pretty straight-forward and on that account there is a certain repetition in the waves of rhythm which you could – but shouldn’t – “schunkeln” to as we say in Germany. But the instruments surrounding are crashing into this brave little ship and push it dangerously close to a cacophony. It’s the perfect song for this time of year and as I fill up my MP3-player with folksy/neo-folk-artists, Trampled by Turtles definitely fit in there.

*By the way, the other song is ‘Are you behind the shining star‘ which is a lot less rowdy.




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