Cover me badly: Randy Newman ‘I think it’s gonna rain today’

You know, people can make fun of Randy Newman – and I mean hilarious fun – as much as they like but the dude can write a darn good song. And whenever his vocal delivery doesn’t make his music appear to sound the same always (ALWAYS), you can just see it so clearly and when a song like this:

…when a song like this gets interpreted by a singer who generally is known to put an amount of emotion in her singing that it simply breaks your bones under the weight, you really see it so so clearly as if it’s the first memory you ever had and that you will always keep.

Oh, not her, sorry. I mean, this is great, but scroll down a little more, ok?

Now, there have been many many great artists (and many more not so great artists, *cough* UB40 *cough*) tackling this song. Bette Midler does her Broadway-thing where everything is a little too theatrical to go all too much under your skin and Peter Gabriel gives you a hug as he usually does and you turn your head away because of the tears. But Nina Simone’s version. I mean Nina Simone’s version is the one that understands Newman as a songwriter and elevates the song, so it can leave you space to really feel it and get silent for a while.


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