“S” is great – and that is actually an artist’s name and I am done here

Ok, apparently no one listens to my repeated rantings that bandnames should be possible to google. Yes, I am playing the Devil’s Advocate here, saying that you need to market yourself and put yourself in a spot where fans can easily search and find you. Having a letter, a single letter as your name is not the way to do this, no, it keeps people from finding your music!

That being said, S does incredibly awesome and lovely music. If you are – as well as apparently everyone else – a little bit disappointed with Karen O’s solo record, you might enjoy S’s forthcoming album because listening to her earlier records, she is a mixture of Karen and old-school Tegan and Sara – that’s a pretty good mix and I enjoy that mix a lot more than I enjoy either of them (which is not to say that I don’t enjoy these two acts).

So far, the only song from S’s (sigh) new album “Cool Choices” (that bandname? Not a cool…ah, I stop with the complaining now) is “Vampires” which is a little of those trendy modern sounding 90s and it’s an incredibly fantastic popsong that is still immensely cool. It actually gives you the opportunity to dance silly to it or to just calmly nod to that cute guy/gal/transgender person on the other side of the room. And the song really sneaks up on you. It was merely a blimp on this month’s playlist and then play by play became a frontrunner if only for the catchy melodies, the nice breathers in between and the reminiscence of late 90s early 2000’s alternative hitsongs (I can’t remember their names right now but they were there and they sounded a little bit like ‘Vampires’, you have to believe me!). Her previous albums have been recorded in her bedroom, the new song sounds a little more studio-y and I am looking forward to hear the full album but I am also looking backwards to her previous amazing albums.


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