Favourite Song: Stephen Rennicks ‘I love you all’

The soundtrack for the music drama “Frank”, very loosely based on Chris Sievey’s alter ego back in the 80s and 90s, is absolutely marvelous in every single sense. The movie is mainly about a band that records a new album and then tries to make it big – or, at least one of their members tries for them to make it big. The soundtrack, written by Stephen Rennicks who seems to be the second coming of experimental art rock, captures not only the writing process of very good and very bad songwriters but also the hilarious but pretty accurate steps a band like the unpronounceable The Soronpfrbs have to take to create their layers of sound. The beauty of the end result is songs that should be dissonant and exhausting but instead slowly spiral into incredibly breathtaking popsongs (even if the movie is mainly about the fact that the Soronprfbs are everything but pop).

My favourite song is “I love you all”, a song that starts as if it was meant to be a Joy Division song but then gets lifted into mid 70s psychedelic choirs and then suddenly gets thrown to the Residents and then fades out. This might be easily one of my favourite fictitious band efforts in a movie ever because they are so out there. There is nothing easy or simple or mass pandering about this music but it still works, it still is so moving and emotive and much more impressive than any classic indieband could have been. Kudos for the balls to use the weird for the soundtrack and all my love for turning it into something this insanely beautiful.

The movie itself is also fantastic and pretty hilarious at times, despite some rather dark themes. Mild spoiler ahead: It starts like many movies you’ve seen before and already are tired off but within 10 to 15 minutes breaks all your expectations into pieces and throws them into the sea. The trailer is also a little misleading as it suggest something like a summery teenage-indie-movie but it isn’t (thank god for that). Maybe it was the fact that I watched this around 2am but I am absolutely overwhelmed by it.

I gotta give it to Chris Sievey’s original head-creation (which is only slightly altered for the movie) because it is such a neutral face that it can both be terrifying and hilarious, depending on the scene. The actors all actually played their instruments and sang in the scenes which is always a plus (they did a live show after the premiere of the movie).

This is pretty amazing.


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