Lazy Sunday: Chain Blog Awards and 7 things about myself

Loosy from “Loosy says” nominated me (and 14 other bloggers) for the “One Lovely Blog Award” which is one of those never-ending blog-chain-mails that go on forever (did I mention that they never stop?). I am kind of a douche when it comes to these things because I never forward them (I remember chain mails from school and just can’t be bothered with it). I am too lazy of a mofo to find and write 15 bloggers with this (my lovely blogs are in my blogroll or get linked when I mention them in articles, that should be enough, you guys). But I am not ungrateful, plus I love talking about myself and one of the “rules” of this thing is to write 7 things about oneself. So, first, thank you Loosy, that’s super nice of you to think of my humble blog. Secondly, let’s do this and get into the magical and mysterious world of Juliane W.


The first dream job I ever uttered was forklift operator back when I was 5 years old (I think I even have a drawing of a forklift driver somewhere). Back in the GDR we apparently visited the exciting world of a warehouse once and I thought that this was the coolest job ever.

forklift operator

The back of the picture says: “My favourite moment at the firm of Daniel’s mother” – I assume that Daniel was a kindergarten mate. The date is 2.10.1989 – I clearly never was destined to become a great artist because there are so many things in this picture I can not identify. The whole left area will forever be a mystery.


Amongst the many things I started to learn but never finished were Judo, guitar lessons, Tae Kwon Do, Breakdance and Swedish. In contrast to terrifyingly many people, I never present my half-assed skills in the hopes of actually being better than expected (because I am not and I know that).


According to my dad, the violin player of the famous German band City once complimented a very young me (I guess I was 8 or 9 years old) on my expert recorder/flute playing. I suspect that he was just nice to a dorky little kid and therefore never pursued a career as professional recorder player.


Among the maybe three jokes I actually remember and could tell to other people, my favourite one is: Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he was a fungi.


One of the worst nightmares I ever had involved the game “Bravo Traube” and my family as the grapes. To this day I think it’s absolutely absurd and sick to invent a game with anthropomorphized grapes that get tortured to death.


I don’t like Olives but once was told that I look like I do.


I became a full-fledged atheist whilst studying Theology.

5 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: Chain Blog Awards and 7 things about myself

  1. 5. I once had this plan to make individualized moulds for this game so people could Bravo WrubplayWrubelperson I met and shared a room with during my time in the military), Bravo Lafontaine or Bravo Onkel Horst. I’m still convinced there’s a market.


      1. Shall I edit for you or shall we leave the hilarious strangeness there for everyone to muse at? I do get the gist though and think that it’s a good idea. The inherent sadistic nature of this game makes it perfect for revenge-fantasies of any kind.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, just leave it please. People out there need to know that our Big Data overlords are not as perfect and omniscient as they wish to appear. WAKE UP!!!!!


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