Favourite Song: Julia Hülsmann Trio with Rebbekka Bakken ‘Anyone’ (E.E. Cummings)

I am a little odd when it comes to poetry as I love to read it but often find that it loses something when read out loud. I blame a rather horrible experience at a poetry-contest where everyone had those poetry-slam-like monsters and I sighed (with shaking voice) my petite little words into the uncomfortably positioned microphone.

Old traumas aside, the kind of poetry I prefer also has a very strong visual component which usually gets lost whenever someone picks all the neatly placed letters and throws them over their tongue into a room. So to think that there is a successful album inspired mainly by E.E. Cummings-poetry – which I only recently discovered and carefully picked up like a delicate flower – seems impossible. Because he plays with words, word order, letters, sound (but also the sound your mind conjures when you read those words), it seems hard to translate this into music that is as fluid and layered as his poetry but still keeps the usually very strong point of view centered.

But jazz musician Julia Hülsmann and singer Rebekka Bakken (together with Julia’s trio of dudes) have compiled an interesting and sometimes even outright beautiful collection. Not every song works (and I dare say that “love is more thicker than forget” probably never will work with anything else but these words because in a way, love is also sounder than song (pardon the pun)).

But Cummings’ “Anyone“, a tale of the love of two and the end of both of them (but not their love) – in its trickling words and playful rhythm – lends itself to a waterfallen piano and a narrator to take Cummings’ role, to tell how we would love to love like these creatures in his poem (how we sometimes look at someone else and would love to love him or her that way, that sun moon stars rain).


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