Seinabo Sey will hopefully be a superstar in 2015

Man, I love “Give me a song” for the input of all members. There’s always something new and great and this late in the year, when I really can’t listen to any music and only want to get fat and sleep in a cave for 6 months, Miss Mangan throws this beauty of an artist into the mix and her EP “For Madeleine” smells like spring.

Seinabo Sey – with a name like this you are born to be an artist – is from Sweden and as most female Swedish pop artists, she plays with genres a lot and switches from electro-pop to beautiful soul only to disrupt melancholy soul-searching and throws some autotune in there only to go all ELO and invite an orchestra in the mix because why not?

Sey’s music is ideal for any kind of live experience. As “Younger” implies, all her songs could hold up oh so well in an acoustic setting but also work as hot and sweaty dance tracks in a late night DJ-set. Even a full-blown band would be a pleasure because great pop music works everywhere. Oh, you don’t believe me? Shed some womanly and manly (and transgender and x-gender) tears while listening to “Younger” in said acoustic setting:

What’s most refreshing is the fact that we have someone who is obviously as experimental as M.I.A. but also knows how to pull our heartstrings (like a good teary-eyed Robyn-song).


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