Quickie: Cayetana give a kickstart to the new year

The smashing summer pop song “Hot Dad Calendar” got my attention last year and only recently I finally found some time to listen through the whole album “Nervous like me” by the best-friends-forever Cayetana from Philadelphia, which is a city you don’t often mention when talking about up and coming punkrock outfits with a truck full of energy. The album is the perfect thing for this time of year because the dreary, cold and wet weather, the lack of energy (it’s the lack of sunlight, y’all) and the stress of the first months of the new year get perfectly destroyed by the good-natured, highly energetic record that masters the balance of referencing the old punk spirit without sounding old-fashioned (or bored, for that matter. A great trend of modern punkrock is the abundance of joy because seriously, if anarchy and chaos makes you jaded and unhappy, why even bother with it?).


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