Quickie: Ibeyi are what pop music wants and needs right now

My faithful readers know that I am not one of those jaded „back in the days, music was so much better“-kinda gals and the siblings behind the beautiful pop band Ibeyi are proof why any such saying is absolute malarkey.

The sisters Lisa-Kaindè and Naomi Diaz are a French-Cuban outfit singing in English and Yoruba, an old Nigerian language which is beautiful and shows that languages other than English should find their way much more often into pop music.

Their musical style is the kind of postmodern potpourri you might know from M.I.A. but their roots are not that deep into Hip Hop but instead form a very beautiful blend of modern pop, traditional folk music, beautiful harmonies and some exquisite stylistic choices to keep you, Dear Listener, on your toes throughout the whole album.

Although the sounds are quite different, I would compare this album to Gotye’s latest solo album because it has some banging singles on it but also doesn’t shy away from tricky experimental pop songs that defy any Billboard-environment but make the album all the more precious from an artistic perspective (plus, it never gets boring and is absolutely absent of fillers).

May the radio stations give these two musicians all the airplay they deserve.


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