Quickie: Duke Evers ‚Handful of Pennies‘ is pretty charming

I get incredibly nostalgic when I listen to Duke Evers even though the style of music I associate with their new EP „Handful of Pennies“ is not even close to being considered „classic“. However, their mixture of charming indiepop with gestures of stadium-grandeur reminds me a lot of 2006/2007, when this kind of music had a pretty darn good time (Oh Royworld, how do I miss you).

There is such an airy quality to it, a certain giddy aloofness that is just superduper positive and is the kind of music you’d like to listen to when the first blossoms of spring bloom in front of your window – which basically means that you should listen to them right now.


(given that there is a lion and a bear on their EP with instruments in their hands, I was really hoping for a literal animal band – colour me disappointed, yet again)


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