Chastity Belt ‘Time to go home’: you get the angst AND the humor!

Here’s a weird thing: I haven’t written much in the last 6 months but since roughly 3 – 4 months, I listen to more music than I did last year before the wells of blog postings started to dry out. I do blame a new routine in my life which mainly involves the happy life of happy couples, including watching the always kinda disappointing German hit crime show „Tatort“ and arguing about feminism.

But the music is there, so here we go:

Chastity Belt are the kind of band that immediately triggers all the right spots in my brain, they have the melancholy of a British band from the 80s, they have the bored aggressiveness (or the aggressive boredness) of female punk and the slightly surreal atmosphere of a Daniel Clowes-Graphic Novel. Their album „Time to go Home“ does not only have an amazing cover (a bedspread-ghost on a strikingly ugly couch), it also has all the songs you need for this year’s autumn when you feel like wearing black and muted colours again.

The band started as a partyband with jokey lyrics and even though the humor stays (especially the lyrics in contrast to lead singer Julia Shapiro’s dry vocal delivery), the party only stays in the place of early morning tiredness, complete with the headaches of too much alcohol and a slight disappointment you can’t put your finger on.

With a style as reminiscent as Chastity Belt’s (it is so very 80s), it’s only fitting that the musicians don’t try to put a modern edge to it but instead delve into it and add their twists rather in smart songwriting and the kind of melodies you won’t get rid off (and don’t want to) than overly aggressive production details. The result is an album that works equally well in a state of utter despair and utter delight – one of the many advantages of music that is skillfully angsty but not necessarily devoid of irony.


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