Hop Along ‘Painted Shut’ – why not hop along?

Female vocals that have a punch but also feel raspy in a quite overabundant way are rare – there’s a childish joy in Hop Along’s recent album „Painted Shut“ with its lovely 90s vibe and yes, these vocals that grind and soar and sometimes show in glimpses that Frances Quinlan could also easily sing Regina Spektor songs without stumbling (meaning that her technical skills are impressive) but decided to get a little down and dirty. And given that power pop with dirty vocals are as fantastic as a sticky sweet cold drink on a hot summer night, this is just the right thing to feel rejuvenated, giddy and yes, a little younger than before the album. 


3 thoughts on “Hop Along ‘Painted Shut’ – why not hop along?

      1. Hey, whoa, I just said it’s not my thing without disrespecting your taste in music. No reason to say mean things like… that… other song.


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